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More Than One Achilles’ Heel: Exploring the Weaknesses of SIJS’s Protection of Abused, Neglected, and Abandoned Immigrant Youth

Abstract: For the past few decades, undocumented children have arrived at the United States border in growing numbers. While many have been eligible for asylum and other forms of legal status, those fleeing parental violence and neglect have fallen into a gaping hole in our immigration system’s options for relief. Therefore, in 1990, Congress created … more »

How to Use Learned Treatises in Pennsylvania

A“learned treatise” is simply a published work, such as a periodical, scientific article, or medical textbook, that is considered authoritative in a given field. Learned treatises can be a great aide in the courtroom for supporting your experts’ opinions, impeaching opposing counsel’s experts, discrediting theories of liability or defense or shielding expert testimony from motions … more »