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Aviation Law

Flying makes traveling quick, easy, and efficient. But when aviation safety issues are not properly addressed, the results can be devastating, if not deadly.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an aviation accident, you need high-quality representation by an experienced aviation lawyer with actual piloting experience that Andy Stern, as seen in the photos above and below, can provide to get you outstanding results.
Aviation Law Commonly Constitutes:
  • Commercial airline crashes and disasters
  • Private aviation accidents
  • Air travel 
  • Operation/regulation of business issues
  • FAA regulations
  • Litigation for families suffering from loss or injury 
  • Violation of Federal Aviation Regulations

More Than Legal Experience

Stern’s unique high-performance piloting experience, which included formation flight and aerobatics in World War II aircraft, gives him a significant edge over other lawyers who have never even been certified to act as pilot in command of an aircraft. This training and experience allow Stern to better understand and apply fundamental principles of flight; specifically, aerodynamic forces and their affect on aircraft performance as well as proper methods of aviating, navigating, and communicating.

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Millions Awarded for Aviation Accidents and Events


Our vast understanding and decades of experience in the aviation field have allowed us to recover millions of dollars for victims of plane and helicopter crashes.

In a current case against Boeing, Andy Stern is a lead trial lawyer along with Elizabeth Crawford, and they are members of the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee for victims who died aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 32. Stern Crawford also represents two linemen who were killed in a tragic helicopter crash.

Catastrophic aviation injuries deserve very substantial monetary compensation. Get yours.

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