Andy Stern

Founding Partner, CEO

In Memoriam

Stern’s career as a plaintiff lawyer started at the Beasley firm under the mentorship of the renowned James E. Beasley, Sr. and thereafter as a Senior Partner at Kline & Specter, P.C. for the last 16 years. It should be noted that when Stern was a partner at the Beasley firm and Kline & Specter, he consistently originated his own cases without relying on his previous employers to refer clients to him.

In his illustrious career, Stern has excelled in his craft, achieving a multitude of record victories. In the historic Market Street Building Collapse litigation, Stern along with his partner, Elizabeth Crawford, were the lead lawyers in the prosecution of the civil case against the Salvation Army which led to the record global recovery of $227 million.

 In addition, Stern’s $95.6 million recovery for his client is another record for a single plaintiff in Pennsylvania history and was also the largest recovery amongst any of the victims in the Market Street Building Collapse litigation. Stern is noted for co-authoring the book “Justice Under the Rubble”, relating to the events surrounding the Market Street litigation. The late and highly revered Richard A. Sprague Esq. states.

“The true story of a remarkable woman surviving a catastrophe, with a remarkable lawyer fighting for justice.” Richard A. Sprague, Esq.

Stern’s other record victories include the largest medical malpractice verdict in Pennsylvania in the amount of $100 million dollars

He also has a record verdict in Delaware County, Pennsylvania of $38.2 million for a catastrophic auto accident that included product liability claims, as well as, an 8 Million Dollar Settlement during trial where a factory worker suffered and died after falling into a scolding hot pulping machine. Stern, along with Crawford, also won the highest recorded verdict against the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania for $10.1 million dollars which was ultimately appealed to the Supreme Court, where the judgment was affirmed and the award increased to over $11 million dollars in light of delay damages. Stern has successfully obtained multi-million dollar recoveries against CHOP in other medical malpractice actions in which children were severely injured including a $7 million dollar settlement in Delaware County,  a $5 million dollar settlement in Monroe County, and obtained a $5 million dollar settlement on behalf of a young woman who died as a result of a Philadelphia hospital’s negligence. Stern and Crawford won a $7.4 million dollar verdict in Delaware County for a brain-injured man secondary to a stroke. He has also successfully won a $4.4 million dollar settlement in a design defect product liability trial against a leading lacrosse helmet manufacturer. 

Stern has also successfully argued leading cases in the appellate courts and had previously convinced the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to allow evidence concerning a patient’s fear of recurring cancer in cases in which doctors failed to properly diagnose and timely treat the disease. Stern’s thorough understanding of the law, and the rules of evidence and procedure, have always allowed him to hold his verdicts on appeal–his enormous verdicts and recoveries have never been reversed or reduced. He also has achieved multiple 8-digit record settlements in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and in one particular case, the jury had only one question before awarding a $15 million dollar jury verdict: “Is there a maximum amount of monetary compensation that we can assign?” 

Stern has been consistently rated for many years as one of the best trial lawyers in the United States.

Stern also was involved in litigating a case all the way to Pennsylvania Supreme Court wherein the Court held that the trial court properly allowed the jury to hear and consider testimony on the probability of a recurrence of the plaintiff’s cancer, as part of the jury’s assessment of damages. See Zeiber v. Bogert. As a result of this case litigated at the trial level and all the way up to the highest Court in Pennsylvania, patients now have an established claim for the fear of recurrence of their cancer.

Stern is also involved as a lead trial lawyer and a member of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for victims who died aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

In that Boeing Max 8 litigation, Stern represents the estates of a United States physician and a United Nations environmentalist who suffered and perished in the crash. Stern has also successfully litigated helicopter crash cases and is currently a lead trial lawyer in two cases involving a tragic helicopter crash in western Pennsylvania that caused the suffering and death of two young linemen.

Stern is a distinguished lecturer at Continuing Legal Education seminars, the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), and the Drexel University TRK School of Law, teaching advanced trial techniques. He has co-authored several publications with this wife, Gwen, a law professor, and is writing a new book on Damages in Civil Litigation. Stern also has three NITA published case files, which are used to help law students nationwide develop trial advocacy skills, including Avila v. Nita City Hospital and Powell v. SuperPupler. He also was a contributing author for a Law Review article on the attorney-client communications that followed the Barrick v. Holy Spirit Hospital Supreme Court opinion. Stern, along with his wife, made a $1.65 million dollar donation to the Andy and Gwen Stern Community Lawyering Clinic in West Philadelphia which provides free legal assistance to those who cannot afford it; he also does pro bono work for the clinic.

Stern graduated from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, a school that has emphasized education and training in trial work and is consistently ranked as one of the top 3 law schools in the United States for trial advocacy and trial team results. Stern is credited as a co-founding father of the Temple trial team, along with the Honorable Mitchell S. Goldberg of the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Stern has significant piloting experience in WWII aircraft and previously enjoyed flying aerobatics and engaging in formation flights in airshows. He was one of four pilots who performed a formation flight in WWII aircraft over the Battleship New Jersey when she arrived in Camden, New Jersey via the Delaware River. 

Currently, Stern is the captain of his 40-foot Intrepid boat that is used for recreational boating and offshore deep-sea fishing. Stern has been married for over 30 years to his lovely wife, Gwen, a law professor at the Drexel University TRK School of Law, whom he met while attending law school. Gwen and Andy enjoy spending time with their three adult children who live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

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